Google Stop Spamming me on Business Chat.

I run a business listed on Google maps.

When customers find my company, they have the option to call the number listed or click ‘’visit website’’

If they visit the website, then there is a form that was very carefully made to ask questions and determine then and there if my company is a good fit for them.

Note that I said ‘’IF’’ I don’t want to work with everyone.

My company is not for everyone. There are clients I don’t want to work for and there is a process to determine if I’m a good fit for them, they are a good fit for me and there is a list of information that needs to be reviewed before anything is done.

But I’ve been getting messages from Google chat.

It started when a customer messaged me on Google Maps.

I didn’t even know this was a thing until it popped up.


This person was using a chatbot for messaging me and I was baffled. I’d never set up any messages through Googe Maps.

Even more so I was annoyed. Using google maps to message me was weird, and it was cutting past my carefully created form.

Is this function at

Send messages directly to businesses

Well, this business doesn’t want you to. There’s a ton of questions I’ve got to know first. Just sending a hello my way doesn’t let me know anything about you a a client. I do NOT want just anyone to message me.

So I looked for a way to turn this OFF.

I found it.

You couldn’t do it on a desktop view. If there’s a way I didn’t find that.

What I did find is by downloading Google My Business,

Instantly after doing this a notice popped up

Connect with customers.

Let customers message you from your business profile for free.

Huh. I guess that’s the pop up message.

I closed it. I also edited the default chatbot message ‘’Hi how can we help you’’ to say use the site.

Now the Google My Business app has a permanent ‘’new message.’’

it’s from Google.

You can respond to customers who message you about..

I can? Cool. go away. I close the app.

About half an hour I get a notification from that app.

it’s a pop-up that brings me back into the app.

Review your business performance to improve your presence on Google!

I notice ‘’customers’’ has a bright red notification icon. Hmm what’s that?

See the red bubble?

it’s a message from Google, that acts like a message from a customer.

looks like a message from the chatbot

Connect with customers.

Let customers message you from your business profile for free.

I can’t go back. the only button is the blue ‘’Turn on messaging.’’

I don’t want that. I force quit the app.

A hour later, I get a new notification. It’s from Google My Busines.

Message details: you can respond to customers who..


it’s from

No.. fricking.. way.

Easily reply to customer messages.

Congrats — a message button has been added to your Business Profile on Google.

It’s been freaking what?!
I check my Business profile.

Then I check my phone. I have four unread notifications, all from Google My Business, about my Google Message button.

Holy crap, Google. Take a hint.

Then I get another notification again from the Google My Business app.

It’s at this point I am treating this as unsolicited spam. I have specifically disabled this function as it’s not something I wish to use, and yet the device continues to pop-up the prompt to re-enable messages on Google Maps/Google My Business

What I really take issue with is what happens anytime the Google My Business app is now opened.

This looks like a message from a customer.

it’s not. It’s spam from Google.

Because I have no interest in turning on chat I now have a permanent red fake message from google begging me to turn on chat.

I do not want Google Business to allow customers to chat me.

Yet because I refuse to enable chat Google is turning it back on

and spamming the hell out of me.

Since this is spam I’ve launched a complaint.

There is no reason for Google to re-enable a feature that was specifically turned off, and repeatedly place fake messages in a chat platform.

My phone gets these pop-ups like they are a text, which is nothing but unsolicited spam.

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